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Aspinock Historical Society's "Come and See What We Have Done at the Cady-Copp Cottage" event was a huge success with approximately 100 guests on Saturday, July 27, 2019.


The society's goal was to connect their members and the community to the Cady-Copp Cottage, a hidden gem in the rough and often times the subject of their annual appeal campaign fundraisers. The building is literally hidden from view, and although many people had a general idea of the location, no one really knew exactly where it was, how to get to it, what condition it is in, or why it was even important enough to restore.


Curiosity brought the community to the event to learn the history and story behind Cady-Copp Cottage, to appreciate the work that has been done, and to see how much is still to be done. Guests also learned the plans for a completely restored Cady-Copp as a "walk through history" with each room designed in a different historical era. Residents of the home did indeed live through a number a eras.


Cady-Copp Cottage was donated to the historical society some years ago, which was a true gift, yet a great responsibility. As any homeowner knows, upkeep of even a new building is continuous work and expense. The task and cost of rehabbing a mid-1700 built home can be daunting and guidelines must be followed. Aspinock Historical Society focuses on rehabbing the property by applying for grants and reaching out during their annual appeals.


A work day is planned at the Cady-Copp Cottage for Saturday, August 17, 2019. Many hands are needed for all sorts of tasks like painting, scraping paint, yard work. If you love old houses and making history, email for details.


There will be another event at the Cady-Copp Cottage during The Last Green Valley's Walktober. Stay tuned for date and time.


With two very important points of historical interest located in Putnam, the Boxcar Children Museum and the Cady-Copp Cottage, the Aspinock Historical Society is thankful for the chance to connect the community to unique history, and to welcome in visitors from afar.

Aspinock Historical Society Cady-Copp Event Big Success!

Cady Copp Cottage Restoration Project
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The Aspinock Historical Society would like to thank The Last Green Valley for their assistance in securing a grant and also all those who donated to our Annual Appeal fund raising drive!
2018-2019 Annual Appeal Brochure
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Front of Cady-Copp Cottage
Refurbished Side of Cady-Copp Cottage

This year AHS aims to work on Phase 2 at Cady-Copp Cottage and to make Gertrude's Boxcar Children Museum accessible for all.

People worldwide - including author & historian David McCullough - believe in what we have here in Putnam.

Let's give them all a place to visit, remember, and repeat their memories and our stories everywhere they go!

Mail your donations to:

Aspinock Historical Society

PO Box 465

Putnam, CT 06260-0465

Annual Appeal!

Aspinock Historical Society Ramps Up Boxcar Improvements With Major Donation

The Aspinock Historical Societys Gertrude Chandler Warner Boxcar Children Museum rehabilitation project just ramped up substantially with a generous and significant donation from National Seating & Mobility of Pomfret.  A cant miss new feature has been added; a handicap accessible ramp installed to provide accessibility to all visitors.


Fred Hedenberg, long-time member of the AHS Board and Boxcar Museum founder, credits the kind and generous gift coming from his conversation with NS & Ms and Putnam resident, Robert Baumuller, the gentleman that he has been working with closely with during a project in his own home.


The Boxcar project, including materials and labor is valued at over $9,000. Hedenberg has difficulty putting gratitude into words, as the rehabilitation project has been ongoing all year, with many unexpected challenges along the way. This was an unexpected surprise of the best variety.

National Seating & Mobilitys mission is to create personalized solutions to individuals with mobility challenges with industry-leading expertise, uniquely engineered systems and breakthrough technologies. Their vision goes beyond being a preferred provider of mobility solutions, as they reach out and touch lives with a genuine compassion that begins deep within their hearts. It is what will continue to drive them to build lifelong relationships with clients, honoring their journey of independence with ingenuity and excellence that helps them move through life.  Mission and goal accomplished in this one swift act of kindness.


As the Aspinock Historical Society continues to their annual appeal goal of a modest $15,000 to aid in continued rehab of both historical landmarks in town; the Gertrude Chandler Warner Boxcar Children Museum and the Cady Copp House, this donation is a major assist. AHS hopes that the community continues this kindness and keeps paying it forward by donating to the annual appeal. Any amount is appreciated and will be put to good use. Send to AHS, PO Box 465, Putnam, CT 06260.

Boxcar committee members (L-R) Patricia Hedenberg, Gerry Tetreault, Sandra Ames, Joy Lizotte enjoying the ramp.

Missing from photo are committee members: Mary Ellen Ellsworth, Renee Boutin Tsanjoures, Debra Carabina, Frederick Hedenberg, as well as Robert Baumuller and friends that installed the ramp.

Founded 1972 - 206 School St., Putnam CT 06260 - tel: 860-963-0092

Aspinock Historical Society
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